Let’s talk Kitchens: Standing or Wall Mounted?

By now, if you are furnishing your home, you must have realized that your kitchen is the most expensive investment. Not only, your kitchen is the most expensive room to finish, but we also spend most of our lives in our kitchens or kitchen- living areas. 

Joseph Falzon, consults hundreds of couples every year with their kitchen designs. In this article and more to come, Joseph Falzon will give us a better review of what to do, and what to ask when buying the heart of your home: your kitchen.

Let’s start with the first question, literally from the ground up: 

Should my kitchen be freestanding? 

Should I lay my kitchen on a plinth, also known as skirting?

or should I have my kitchen wall mounted, better known as a suspended kitchen design?

Let’s start by emphasizing how opinions and preferences are personal and are better to be discussed with your partner. 

Freestanding kitchens

Freestanding kitchens are easier explained as kitchens with legs. Nowadays freestanding cabinets are rarely seen in kitchens as they are considered to be a classic choice, and since the classic design kitchen is becoming less in demand, generally one would opt for skirtings or wall-mounted. Needless to say, this option would work out beautifully if you are converting a townhouse or a house of character.

There was a time, when everything in the kitchen was free and movable and that included both appliances and furniture, except for the sink unit.

The fact that the cabinets are movable gives great flexibility in the kitchen. Still, do not take this option for granted. If you move a furniture piece around too much it will eventually get damaged. Preferably, you are to opt for a configuration that you’re most happy with and stick to it. Nowadays, cabinets have legs which can be individually raised or lowered so you’ll be able to adjust them perfectly even if there are imperfections in the flooring.

Another great advantage that comes with your freestanding kitchen cabinets is easy cleaning: Music to my ears! Cabinets are raised from the floor meaning that you can easily vacuum. Also, they look more lightweight therefore helps make the entire room feel airy and spacious.

Using plinths

Probably the most popular style. Why? This choice allows for more space for your units. Plinths also vary in height, which helps with the right height of kitchen cabinets in the case of a taller or shorter person. You will also avoid dirt under the kitchen, even though you may wish to remove the skirting for a thorough clean under your kitchen units. Plinths provide with a uniform and neat touch to your kitchen.

Skirtings are generally made out of Aluminium, plastic or Laminated wood. Skirtings are probably the best option to avoid water and dust below the cabinets in your kitchens. Skirtings are very easily clipped with the cabinet’s legs and are quite user-friendly, should you wish to spring clean on a sunny Sunday.

Suspended Kitchen Cabinets

Without any doubt, my favourite. Very easy to clean underneath your kitchen cabinets, but really, this option by far looks great. 

Modern is the keyword for today’s home design ideas. Wall mounted kitchens can have LED lighting added, making your kitchen look cooler. The suspending effect also brightens and makes your kitchen look bigger, not just modern.

Just like everything else in this mad world, the most beautiful kitchen layout has it’s cons. If you wish to install a dishwasher, you may find yourself in trouble. However, this and more are the questions one should discuss when designing the kitchen of their dreams. 

How to get in touch with Joseph Falzon today? Make a call or visit his showroom: Style Furniture. Here’s everything you need : 

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