Your Teeth are more Important than you Think

Appearance goes a long way. Looking attractive is more likely to associate you with success and trustworthiness. Although it may not be the most just of statements, this is in fact true. One of the key elements of an attractive appearance, is a nice set of teeth. They are absolutely essential in making a great first impression. Can you imagine giving out a smile with evidently dark, yellow or even worse, missing teeth? I don’t!

Research suggests that people with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful, intelligent and can land dates easier. On the other hand, people with crooked teeth will find it more difficult to get a date and are perceived less positively in job interviews. In a nutshell, the quality of your smile goes a long way in determining what people think of you.

Research also suggests that people are more likely to be impressed and remember the features they find attractive rather than those they do not. One will also notice that many people invest a lot of money on their teeth, especially during their formative years, if they are growing in a way which is not pleasing. Certain procedures include setting up braces and other aligners to make the teeth straight.

In this respect, many people use different products to ensure that their teeth are top notch. Such include whitening toothpastes, mouthwash, floss and other teeth whitening products. Some people take it a step further and actually avoid drinking certain beverages completely. Such include tea, coffee and red wine, which can stain the teeth.

The appearance of teeth is heavily correlated with how the rest of our facial features are perceived. Just have a look at all the people you think have a great face. More likely than not, they have good looking teeth, which are definitely not an eyesore.

Today we are lucky. This is due to the fact that getting close to perfect teeth is more possible today than it ever was. People now have less intrusive options to align their teeth, ensuring that they look more attractive over the long-term.

Any tips for us to help with keeping teeth as sparkly white as possible?

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