Women are getting Designer Plastic Surgery for their V

Plastic surgery has been embraced for the past couple of years. Whereas in the past it was deemed as unnecessary, expensive and unconventional, many people today are getting procedures to improve their appearance. Amongst the most popular for women are botox to dilute the signs of aging by removing wrinkles and breast implants. These are just some of the common procedures undertaken by females today. With that said, there is another fad which is gaining speed. This is vaginal designer plastic surgery!

Apparently, apart from being just a procedure which is famous with celebrities, there are also health benefits associated with it.

First off, let us just emphasise on the fact that this is indeed a beauty focused world we live in and it has extended way beyond to just improvements in facial features. Having a designer vagina is apparently in the bucket list of a number of females. In this respect, even teenage girls are enquiring about genital cosmetic surgery. This is done due to the fact that some females are not happy with the appearance of their private parts.

Such a procedure helps by combatting the signs of ageing or childbirth. This is done in a bid to enhance their sex appeal, especially when considering that pregnancy may have its toll on a woman’s vagina.

The procedure includes a laser type treatment.

There are some popular celebrities who have highlighted that they did the procedure. One of which is Danniella Westbrook, who even took the time to post the laser treatment on Snapchat. Gemma Collins also had positive comments about the procedure stating that with just two thousand sterling, she got a perfect private part and it is reminscient of something one sees in the movies.

So how does one create this designer vagina and what does the treatment include?

The procedures can be both surgical and non-surgical. This all depends on one’s requirements. Such may include changes to the structure and appearance of the female genitalia. One procedure is known as the labiaplasty, which reduces the size of the labia minora. Another procedure is known as a vaginal facelift, which aims to tighten it after birth or the gradual process of aging.

There are other non-surgical procedures which include laser treatments to rejuvenate the area.

Such procedures can improve a woman’s sex life, as apart from the confidence, they also increase sensation during intercourse, whilst also reducing the chances of infections.

Any volunteers?

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