We fall in love 3 times in our life

The loving feeling is unique and each time different. The age, the person, and the environment in which the relationship evolves makes an impact on who we fall in love with. It is sometimes hard to control and to analyse.

Newsflash: Studies concluded that we have fallen or will fall in love, three times in our lives.

Ok, let’s try to understand this better. Studies have concluded that there are mainly 3 different types of love. Of course, we do not fall in love just 3 times in our life. Some of us fell in love seventy-seven times,and are still thinking whether they should stop or keep trying.

Ideally we should experience the three types of love with one person, however, you may be adventurous to tre spread the love as much as you can.

No more suspense, let’s see if you recognize one or more of your relationships.

The idealistic love

The idealistic love is often the first one that we encounter. The one that we will remember our whole life. As we discover love, which is usually supported by a collection of romantic imaginary that media and movies, brought to us, this love is idealised, and with a lot of naivety.

Maybe this is why the first love counts that much in our mind. Who has not thought that the first love will be the love of our life? It is normal to go through, to think that it will last forever.

Until the moment of disillusionment and pain. When you realize that the story might have an end and that you will be heartbroken more than you think.

The needy love

Have you ever noticed that after a breakup you desperately want something? To fall in love again!

Next, you want to prove to yourself that you are capable of finding love again. You want to experience a new relationship, or better, you long to keep the same feeling:  to love and be loved by someone. This usually happens, as you go through a rough patch of doubts, pain, abandonment, loneliness. You want to go back, as going back is usually the easiest solution. You can’t always go back to your ex, therefore assuming you will feel good again, you will look for another relationship. This is what we call the needy love.

Needy love is never the right kind of love: If you really want to heal quickly your pain you might become too much invested into the new relationship, you will rush into it and you will make mistakes.

The unexpected love

You have heard this many times before but it is still true “love happens when we do not expect it.”

You do not expect it and that’s what makes it the more complete one. You are in a good psychological process because you are not prepared for it. It is probably the one for which you are the more ready to engage yourself, without naivety or desperation. This time love is not idealistic and does not represent a vital need. Complicity, mutual comprehension and honesty are the keys of this love. Here my friend, you are done. Let me introduce you to your life partner.

What are your opinions about love?

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