Stop wearing Apple’s AirPods at the gym!

AirPods are some of THE last Apple’s crazy invention and we see people wearing them everywhere, Even when there is no music playing,  almost like a fashion accessorize. But if you want them to last, there is one place where you should avoid wearing them: at the gym. And here is why:

Even some of Apple’s ads promote runners wearing the AirPods but you shouldn’t exercise with those. These are not sweat or water-resistant. As the AirPods don’t have an official rating for dust or water they will not survive for prolonged contact with sweat, and from what I recall, these little ear pods come at a not so friendly price, just like any other apple branded item.

Of course, Apple’s warranties don’t include water damage. You need to be willing to pay 75€ to replace each broken AirPods.

Aside from the water damage, be aware that Apple AirPods are not great for noise’s isolation. So if you are at the gym with and the music is loud, the sound of treadmills and other machines are disturbing your peace, you will need to increase the volume: not a wise decision for the interest of your ears.

Following this article, we should be expecting the new range or earpods to be an improved, more sport attuned product, after all, Apple does promote a healthy lifestyle.

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