Malta heavily involved in drug cartels and shootouts in connection with Mexico

Latest news reports and current affairs in foreign media point out to criminal activity taking place in Malta. Following claims of corruption and the assassination of a renowned journalist, Malta’s name has indeed been tainted. The safety of Malta is no longer being taken for granted as we have grown accustomed to stories of violence to grave degrees, such as murder. Another example would be the murder of a well-known entrepreneur in Paceville, which also shocked the country.

Apart from these real-life scenarios which are indeed shocking, Malta is also being associated with violence and criminality in media productions. One example would be the Queen of the South which has filmed several shots in Malta. In reality, it is quite an enticing story which follows similar footsteps to Narcos.

The show is about Teresa Mendoza, who starts off on the poor side of the spectrum to eventually running a drug cartel. It is based on true events. If you would like to learn more about the show, read on, however don’t blame us for the spoilers!

So what happens in the show?

The first episode shows us a highly successful Teresa Mendoza. She is gunned down in her mansion by thugs. We are immediately taken back to her earlier years, where she meets a drug runner and they fall in love. Her relationship with this drug runner helps her grow incredibly, both in terms of wealth and also social status. Her boyfriend makes a decision which costs him his life, he steals from the head of his cartel, Don Epifanio. His men then divert their attention to Teresa to kill her. She manages to escape, taking the money, cocaine and a notebook as she strives to save her life.

The series becomes packed with action as Teresa runs, shoots, kills and blows up cars. What is truly fascinating is her ability to escape from very sticky situations.

Significant amount of shots are filmed in Malta, and Malta as a country is mentioned as being a base for drug trafficking in the series together with other countries in Europe and the United States.

Although Malta is being made out as a centre for criminal activity, there is indeed some positive side to the series being filmed in Malta. Queen of the South is a series which is gaining popularity and viewership and is following the steps of the highly successful series which were filmed in Malta, such as Game of Thrones and many other popular films. Time to Netflix and Chill peeps..

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