Heritage travel: the new AirBnb’s DNA offer

You probably wonder what are the secrets of your identity, and where you come from. Today, it has never been easier to discover your origins: Everything is as easy as a DNA test result through a sample. Let’s not get into the thought of how many clones of myself, the laboratories that have my DNA have produced.

53% of buyers of genetic kits say they decided to take a test because they want to know information about their ancestry and the ancestry of their family. And this is what interests Airbnb!

AirBnb has announced a partnership with DNA’s test company named “23andMe”: “to make travelling to your roots easier”. Both companies will be adding heritage travel into their offers to make it easier than ever.

Once 23andMe’s clients receive their DNA results they will be able to click on their ancestral populations and find Airbnb’s house in there. For example, “if a 23andMe customer has Southern Italian ancestry, they might be able to find a trullo in Puglia as a home base to explore their heritage”.

On Airbnb’s side, they already offer a new page where the 23andMe’s 10 genetical population are identified with links to the best Airbnb’s offers and recommendations.

Ancestry trips tend to be much more enriching than normal and just pleasure trips. And it is a real business opportunity for Airbnb as 23andMe’s data showed that most people have at least 5 different countries with their Ancestry Composition report.

With Airbnb and 23andMe, you can now plan a trip as unique as your origin!

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