A Career as a YouTuber

Wouldn’t it be grand to make money off YouTube videos? If only I could stay at home and publish some videos and live luxuriously. Wouldn’t that be the ideal career for most? With that said, we have heard some nice success stories of people who actually live well off, thanks to the content they publish on YouTube.

Whilst it is indeed true that there are people who have made some good money off YouTube, these are not the majority. Content is constantly being uploaded on YouTube with three hundred hours of material being uploaded every minute. This makes it incredibly difficult to make your mark as the competition is sky high. Whilst there are some who indeed have their retirement sorted thanks to YouTube, there are most who could not even cater for their rent. In this article, we discuss ways YouTubers can actually make money.


As you most probably know, YouTube makes its money off online advertisements. You may notice some ads appearing before the video starts, or during the video for that matter. If a viewer clicks or watches the entire advert, some of the money goes to the video publisher, i.e. the YouTuber. The wonderful thing would be creating a relevant video which lasts years and keeps getting views. This way you ensure a steady income which is regular. Obviously, there are some restrictions which make it all the more difficult. Channels with less than a thousand subscribers are not paid. Apart from that, YouTubers are paid once they reach the hundred-dollar mark, so if you managed to get ninety, you won’t get paid.


A YouTuber can also serve as an affiliate. They can partner up with companies and create videos about their products. For every sale which comes from the YouTube video, they will be paid a commission and that can range from around five to twenty percent.


Some YouTubers actually manage to build a loyal follower base. This may put them in a position where they may ask for donations in exchange for exclusive content. Tools such as Patreon allow viewers to pay vloggers out of their pocket. Such a strategy would be ideal for YouTubers who have just started out and are in need of some extra funds.

Breaking down in Jurassic Park (Sailing Nandji) Ep 101Breaking down in Jurassic Park (Sailing Nandji) Ep 101

Branding and merchandise

Established YouTubers would do well to create their own brand and sell respective merchandise. Such could include caps, t-shirts and other garments which may contain the vlogger’s logo or slogan. These can be then sold for a profit.


YouTubers with a certain follower base can use their standing to get sponsorships from companies or entities. This would usually entail an agreement where that specific company is given exposure.

Off to become a YouTuber? Best of luck!

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