6 Friendship Problems We All Face

Friends are an important component in most people’s lives. They can be a source of both happiness and sadness. We must indeed learn to accept that good friends are truly hard to find and very few remain there for the rest of our lives. With that said, friends do come with their problems and you will need to manage them appropriately to maintain strong relationships. In this article, we will discuss some of the things which can potentially destroy friendships.

Unkept promises

At some point, friends will indeed let us down. We may expect them to be there for us, however at some point, friends will fail to meet our expectations, even if they had promised otherwise. This may be all the more likely when our friends have family commitments of their own.


It would be tough to admit, but some friends will get jealous during different points in life. Whether it is due to career or financial success, some friends might not be at all too ecstatic with your personal achievements, especially if they are not doing too well in life.

Support (or the lack of it)

In certain friendships, one person might always be willing to support the other. These include cases of break up or some form of other distress which may be too much of a burden. If on the other hand, one friend does not support the other as much, problems could arise, especially if the other party always offered a helping hand.

Being forgotten

In certain moments, people may feel to have been forgotten by their friends, especially during bad phases or loneliness. This could be more difficult if you felt especially close to the person. This is precisely why communication is key in friendships.

Being left out

Very few things come into comparison to the pain one feels when he is excluded by his group of friends. This could be a simple outing where someone is left out or a secret which only one person within the group is not aware of. Feeling left out damages relationships and thus can destroy friendships.

Lack of personal interaction

To a certain extent, we have social media to blame for this. Although people communicate with each other on a regular basis, social media interaction is not the same as meeting someone face to face. When meeting friends for a coffee, one can get a better understanding of how they feel and what they are going through.

Friendships are indeed important. Take care of the most valuable ones.

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