The Decay of Paceville

There was a time where Paceville was the main source of entertainment in Malta. Rewind just ten years ago, and swarms of Maltese people would visit Paceville for their weekly night of entertainment. The allure of Paceville was due to its various clubbing establishments providing a fun night out. It also used to bring together a mixture of different age groups, hence being a popular option for different segments.

Different clubs such as Axis attracted thousands of people every weekend. Fast-forward a few years and Paceville is now way less popular amongst the Maltese. In this article we discuss some of the reasons why this may be the case.


People are now more concerned about the safety of Paceville than they were in the past. Recent tragedies where entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti was stabbed and people swarmed out of a club in a rampage destroying the stairs and injuring themselves, have led many to ask serious questions about Paceville’s safety standards. This is also coupled with the fact that nobody gets shocked anymore when hearing about a fight breaking out in Paceville. You also see very few police in the area, which continues to raise questions about security.

Alcohol galore

Whilst most would enjoy a drink or two, alcohol consumption in Paceville is exaggerated. This leads to inappropriate behaviour, with people acting like Neanderthals.

Other options

In the past, Paceville used to be the main entertainment option, so it was natural to go there. Today people have a lot of options and different entertainment settings for them to enjoy, Valletta being one of the latest trends. Paceville now seems like a distant memory and people are more interested in other places.


The place is also filled with rubbish most of the time, during both day and night. As the night progresses, the litter increases making it feel like some place in a third world country.

Hotels, strip clubs and massage parlours

Paceville has transitioned into a hub for hotels, strip clubs and massage parlours. The place is loaded with them. If you are looking into a relaxed night out at Paceville with some friends, your options have indeed become limited.

Like most other things in life, Paceville seems to be a trend which has come to pass. In order for Paceville to regain its popularity, major changes are required. More security and cleanliness are the basics. What else is required is a more diverse selection of lounges and bars, which will make people more enticed to visit.

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