Planning your Wedding? Here’s 7 Things you should do

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting events you get to organise as a couple, yet it can be quite stressful and overwhelming at first, until you get everything sorted out. In this article, we shall be discussing a few tips which will help you plan the wedding you deserve.

Choose your wedding date

First off, before planning your big day, the first important decision you need to make is your wedding date. Couples may not always be fussy on the date others may indeed give this priority especially if they plan to organise their wedding on a public holiday. The competition for public holidays is indeed high!


You will need to explore different venues to better understand what your preferences are. The selection of venue will also depend on the time of year you plan to hold the wedding. If you plan to hold it in summer, you need a venue with an appropriate outdoor area, whilst if you intend to hold it in the less peak months, when the weather is less predictable, you need to ensure that the indoor area is adequate.

Food and drink

Once you have shortlisted your preferred venues, you will need to review the food and drinks provided. Is the finger food proposed to your liking? Do they offer a tasting before the wedding? What is the pricing of all the food and drink combined? Does it make financial sense for you? What are the additional food tables they offer?

The same process needs to be adopted for the drinks. Will you be ordering a package deal or depending on consumption. You will also need to carefully select which alcohol you would like. Again the season, makes a difference as consumption patterns change from summer to winter. You will also need to decide with regards to the quality of the drinks. Would you be happy with a Red Label and JB as your main whiskeys? Or would you rather go for something a bit more high-end with Black Label, Chivas or Jameson?

Church (for those who would like to get married in a more traditional setting)

Make sure that your preferred church and venue are available on the same day. Also, it may be wise not to have the venue and church too far away, but just the right distance for you to be able to enjoy the drive as groom and bride.


You will also need to book your chauffeurs in advance, to ensure adequate transport for the key people which includes parents and witnesses.

Flower arrangements

You will also need to hire someone to take care of your flower decorations for both the venue and church. Done well, these can uplift the aesthetic value of both the venue and church selected.

Wedding planner

To make sure everything goes well, you should hire a wedding planner who would be able to guide you in the build-up for your wedding. You will also need him on the day to make sure that all proceedings are going according to plan.

Saying “I do” is not that easy, as you can see. Ready to take the plunge?

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