Bloodbath on Xarabank

Last Friday’s television programme Xarabank was different. Whilst we are normally accustomed to one versus one political debates, last Friday’s programme hosted Adrian Delia as he answered to the questions and criticism of five individuals who were invited to participate in the programme. The fact that Adrian Delia decided to move forward with such a programme format reflects courage and that he is willing to debate anytime, anywhere.

So let’s have a look at the people who debated with Adrian Delia:

Wayne Hewitt

An ex-member of the Nationalist party who left when the leadership candidate Chris Said finished second to Adrian Delia. It is no secret that Wayne Hewitt had pledged his allegiance to Chris Said and had remarked negatively about the party in the following months after Delia was elected as leader. Wayne Hewitt was elected as a Minority Leader on behalf of the Nationalist party in the previous local council elections. During the programme, he was immensely critical of Adrian Delia, stating an overall message that the opposition leader and his team needs to shoulder political responsibility and resign.

David Thake

He was also quite active in supporting the Nationalist party. He ran a radio programme and it was quite evident to see that he was of a Nationalist agenda. His comments during the programme emphasised on the division within the party.

George Tabone

An independent business man, who is mostly renowned for his appearance on the adverts of the popular jewellery shop called Gram. He highlighted that he had big hopes for Adrian Delia to give the Nationalist party the change it so desperately needs. With that said, he expressed his disappointment that the Nationalist party is still the same as it was. He also took the time to mention the grandeur of Joseph Muscat who has managed to appeal to different extremes, to the socialists and also those who are pro-business, highlighting him as a man of a certain magnitude.

Jeremy Camilleri

Someone who expresses socialist and liberal values, being a former General Workers’ Union official.

Franco Debono

As usual, Franco Debono attracts a myriad of viewers when he is invited for such debates. He was invited to have his say via a video call where he raised a very pertinent point which very few people now address. One of the main problems of the Nationalist party is that it does not know what it stands for, having a lack of identity.

What does this mean for the Nationalist party? How can a party which does not have solid ideological foundations survive against such a strong government?

Prudent as ever, Adrian Delia had positive words to say to all attendees as constantly he passed on messages of unity whilst extending his arm to his fierce critics to join him in making the Nationalist party a stronger force.

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