The Value of an Outsourced Marketing Team

In this day and age, one is finally realising the importance of marketing and how this subject has developed into a crucial component for the survival of an organisation and its brand. Having a fully-fledged in-house marketing team to cater for all possible promotional requirements is a hefty investment and may not be the most beneficial solution for the majority of businesses. A fully-fledged marketing team would require people who handle planning, strategy, creative and execution, together with more specialised roles such as graphic design, web design, digital marketing and content creation. It is highly unlikely that you would find one candidate who excels in all of these areas. In this article we discuss some of the benefits of having a reliable marketing agency as your partner.

Integrated solutions

A marketing agency can provide you with integrated solutions, combining various talents to work together on your project. With an outsourced marketing agency, the marketing manager within a company can work in tandem with various talents, for different specialisations. Certain projects such as the launch of a new website or a video production for an advert is most likely to require the support of an agency due to the different personnel required.

Cost effectiveness

A proper marketing agency will also allow you to utilise its various talents with a certain degree of cost effectiveness. With a monthly retainer, you can make use of different areas of expertise, without allocating budget for full-time employees.

Access to knowledge

A reliable marketing agency would do work for different clients and will have access to a wealth of knowledge and software which could be leveraged to your advantage. This knowledge base would be built via the different relationships with various clientele, enabling it to try out different strategies to see what works best. You will also spare the time needed for the learning curve when trying out something new. If you would like to launch a campaign via Instagram, something you may have never done in the past, this could be handled more swiftly by an agency who is well familiarised with this platform.

No need to train

If you outsource certain marketing activities, you do not need to train your own staff in certain areas as these would be well catered for by the agency engaged. This reduces risk for the organisation as you can choose to work with the same agency for a number of years, whilst an employee you would have trained might leave for another company.

Outside perspective

Hiring a marketing agency also brings in the benefit that your activities can be judged objectively by an outsider. People within the organisation would be biased and may be less inclined to provide certain honest feedback, since they may be heavily influenced by the organisation’s mantra.

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