The Role of Email Marketing in Business

In a world which is stifling with competition to sell and reach business targets, leveraging the right marketing channels which work well for your company is of vital importance. Irrespective of what type of business, whether small, medium or large, marketing investment needs to be planned carefully. Every Euro invested needs to make financial and business sense. One of the marketing tools which enables you to reach large amounts of people, with a relatively small budget invested is email marketing. So what are the features of email marketing and how can you use it to drive business growth?

Large number of recipients

Email marketing allows you to build infinite lists of contacts which you can target with your promotional material. Certain companies manage to build hundreds of thousands of contacts, which would be split into different segment lists and can be targeted via a tailored mailshot.

Cost effective

Email marketing software allows you to send mailshots to numerous contacts at a very reasonable price. Certain software allows you to pay a monthly subscription, depending on the amount of contacts or mailshots sent. For businesses which have just started out, or are in their initial stages, email marketing is a necessary tool.

Compelling mailshots

Such software allows you to design attractive mailshots, combining both text and images, having a myriad of options at your disposal, including nicely composed call-to-action buttons for optimal conversions.

Build brand awareness

Having such a tool at your disposal, allows you to communicate messages about your brand whenever required. Once the message is drafted and finalised, distribution to all your contacts takes place with a simple press of a button. Imagine having to call each and every customer one by one! What a time-consuming task that would be! Email marketing allows the company to remain in touch with its customers and prospects. The topics you can discuss in such mailshots are endless. These can include details about your next event, product launch and other interesting things happening within your organisation. This is also coupled with the fact that people check their emails on a regular basis, so the likelihood of them spotting your email is significant.


The software used for email marketing allows you to view the analytics which will determine whether your mailshot has achieved the desired objectives. One of the most important pieces of data is the open rate, which shows how many people actually opened the email. Another important component is the clicks received, which indicates how many people clicked on your call-to-action button. Such software also enables you to see whether there have been any unsubscribers i.e. people who no longer wish to keep receiving your content via email. Comparing the different analytics across the various mailshots sent will allow you to better understand what works best and the techniques you should adopt for optimal email marketing success.

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