5 Things you should never do if you want a Promotion

Promotions are a sensitive topic. Some people feel that they are getting what they deserve and others do not. Some are constantly striving for more recognition in the workplace, whilst others are comfortable with their position and not really seeking a promotion. If you are one of those people that does not want a promotion, you have no reason to read this article. If, on the other hand, you are seeking to improve your position via a promotion, you should read this article, where we will discuss some of the things you should never do if you want a promotion.

Don’t ask for a raise

If you believe you deserve an increase in your salary, make sure that you took on some valuable responsibilities and have been performing well in the assigned tasks for a good number of months. If you have just landed a few more responsibilities and think that you are immediately entitled to a raise, then you have a problem. Generally, when you are being trusted with new tasks, you are probably being tested as to how reliable you are and whether you should be considered as a potential supervisor, or even a manager.

Don’t do the same things

Whilst doing the same things over and over will give you a sense of comfort as you become more accustomed to the role, to get promoted you will need to show that you are willing to take on new responsibilities. If you do not show that you are eager to learn more, your chances for a promotion will diminish significantly.

Don’t think that knowing your area is enough

Whilst you may be an expert in your field, you stand a better chance of getting promoted if you have a holistic understanding of the company you work for. You may be an expert in marketing, however may have little understanding when it comes to the company’s financial performance. Having a good overview about the organisation can only help you when it comes to your chances for a promotion.

Don’t be late

Constantly being late will give the impression that you are disorganised and cannot manage your own time. People who thrive in organisations are able to manage their time appropriately and respect other people’s busy schedules.

Don’t be cryptic

People who are misunderstood or cannot communicate clearly do not give a good impression. If people are constantly following up on your emails or are calling you for further clarification, it means that you need to brush up on your communication.

Any other tips for things to avoid? Ready for that promotion? Go for it.

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