5 things that make people see you as a rich person

A lot of people work hard and insane hours to be able to enjoy a certain lifestyle of quality. One of life’s ambitions is to reach a stage where you can feel well off and financially independent. Part of the joy of being wealthy is to be able to show it off with your friends, communicating the message that you have made it in life. In this article, we will discuss some of the things you need to own which immediately communicate you are well off.

Property or better, properties

You heard right. It is properties, not property! Showing that you are well above average means you have some additional properties other than the one you reside in. This reflects that you are gaining some extra income beyond your full-time job and have your retirement planned out for yourself.

Own a business

Part of the allure of owning a business is the fact that you can boast about it, apart from making some extra money. You may argue that you are a top employee within a thriving organisation, earning a great salary. Still, if you do manage a side business as well, people will be impressed.


People who are well-off, travel a lot during the year. Travelling less than three times a year would make you look normal or average, whilst going abroad more than three times a year makes you appear rich. Don’t forget those Instagram photos to make sure everyone can keep up to date with your latest ventures.


Owning a yacht is a mark of luxury, especially one which you could use to travel to Sicily or Greece. Buying a yacht and showing that you could well manage the related expenses is something which will cut you above the rest.


To cement your status as a person who is well-off, you will need to own a luxury car. Ideally a car which appears unique and cannot be afforded by most. A Maserati, Porsche or a Lambo, should all fit the bill. PS: BMWs and Mercs are too mainstream now a days, sorry!

Do you have any other recommended tips for things to buy which indicate a certain degree of wealth? Perhaps 3 lovers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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