If you have an Employer like this, Stick with him for Life

Changing jobs is a bold move which comes with its own risks. Many reasons could motivate a job hunt or change which may include a salary increase, a new experience or simply a better work environment. If you haven’t changed a lot of jobs, you may be uncertain as to what you should expect and what is ideal.

In most cases, people do not leave companies, but leave their bosses due to disagreements with their management style. This would be mainly interpreted as negativity in the workplace which can destroy motivation and stabilisation. In this article we discuss some of the key elements which reflect employers of quality and ones which are really not worth losing.

Healthy workplaces tend to boast certain qualities which single them out from competitors. These are enough to differentiate between a job you love and one you hate.


In a workplace environment where people are nurtured to grow and achieve their ambitions, loyalty increases and employees will find it difficult to leave.


People who are rewarded will be motivated to work harder and achieve larger goals. When people are appreciated, they will be filled with a sense of purpose, whilst in a workplace environment where people are taken for granted, one can expect a higher turnover.

Open communication

In a company where open communication is promoted, employees will feel that they can contribute and are not afraid of being misunderstood. This will lead to higher engagement and optimal use of resource intellect.


When a company empowers its employees to achieve greater heights, people will feel responsible, accountable and motivated to deliver. Apart from this, empowerment promotes a constructive work environment where employees do not need to backstab each other for their own gain.


Work hard, play hard, right? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Moments of humour allow employees to build relationships with each other, contributing to a better work environment.


The general mantra is that personal life and work should not mix. Theoretically speaking, this should be the case, however from a practical viewpoint this is not always possible. Employers need to understand that employees may go through difficult patches and will need to support accordingly.


In a fast-paced modern lifestyle, employees need to be provided with flexibility schemes which allow them to cater for their families and appropriate work life balance. This will allow employees to manage stressful schedules, knowing that their employer supports them.

If your employer has these traits, you had better think twice before moving! The grass is not always greener on the other side.

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