Deadly Dinner – More about Fugu

If you are into delicious yet dangerous food, you have most likely heard about the Japanese delicacy referred to as fugu. It is also commonly referred to as blowfish and is immensely poisonous. The slightest of errors in its preparation, could lead to devastating effects which may be fatal.

The seriousness of a mistake is reflected by the fact that only trained and licensed chefs should prepare and serve this dish. Chefs in Japan use specialised kitchen tools and store this fish very carefully.

It is an expensive fish dish in Japan and is served by some of the leading restaurants.

The guts is the most dangerous part due to the large amount of poison, with the liver and intestines being potentially problematic as well. It is stated that the fugu’s poison is two hundred times deadlier than cyanide.

In extreme cases, when the poison of fugu is consumed, one will endure numbness across the mouth, paralysis and finally death by respiratory failure. The horror of this death is that the victim remains conscious throughout the whole process. The earliest case recorded of death by fugu fish was aboard a ship where crew members ate this deadly dish back in 1774.

(looks cute doesn’t it?)

A number of people have died in Japan over the past years due to fugu. Most of them acted rashly and tried to prepare this dish at home. With that said, a case where a woman ate fugu at a top restaurant in Japan was taken to hospital. Even a small piece or trace containing poison can be enough to put you on death’s door. It is therefore why the skills of such specialised chefs are highly esteemed and placed at the pinnacle of the Japanese culinary world.  

One would understand that there would be certain legislation in place to prevent and minimise deaths as much as possible. There was a controversy surrounding this matter a few years back, where the Tokyo government wanted to alleviate some of the restrictions. This was met with an uproar from specialised chefs who worked hard to get their license and invested lots of money for it.

The cost of fugu makes it quite a dining event. It has frequently been compared to Russian roulette dining.

Those who are in love with this dish would say that it has quite a unique taste and texture, which is a very important part of Japanese cuisine.

The fish’s appeal is that it is a seasonal dish, consumed in winter.

So would this deadly dinner entice you?

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