7 Things your Partner should not Force you to do

Relationships require work and things are never plain sailing. Most relationships end in cross roads where hard decisions need to be taken. In this article we discuss things that your partner should never force you to do so listen closely!

Demanding major life changes

If your partner is asking you to experiment with your look, such as hairstyle or make-up, that is one thing. If however, your partner is asking you to make a major life change such as stop working or to change your life ambitions to pursue something else, which conforms to their preferred lifestyle that is a big problem. Successful relationships do not entail one partner trying to control the other.

Demand access to privacy

Most would agree that no secrets should be kept in relationships. With that said, enabling privacy shows a certain degree of trust. No partner should be bullied into sharing their phone and social media account passwords. In this respect, boundaries should be set and kept.

The fifty-fifty myth

In theory you would hear that all responsibilities should be split equally. In reality, no partner should force on each other this approach as everyone is good at different things and one should compensate for the other and vice versa. In strong relationships, a partner does not try to win arguments by highlighting what he does better and how he is a superior contributor.

Forgive cheating

Cheating can have its toll on any relationship leading it to tatters. Although some relationships get past it, there are some who would expect that their spouse gets over the fact that they cheated and move on. This would be extremely detrimental.

Forbidding discussion

In certain relationships, one partner may forbid the other from talking about something in particular. This should not be the case, especially if the partner wants to address an issue. Being prevented from discussing something of concern is not healthy for a relationship.

Family abuse

Relationships with your spouse’s parents and family can be difficult at times. Whilst respecting the in-laws is important, you should not be willing to take on unfair criticism or insults. This becomes all the more worse if your partner does not stick up for you. Your partner should not allow such comments and not ask you to dismiss or ignore them.

Cut ties with people you love

Whilst your spouse does not need to be best buddies with the people you love, he should not be the one who forces you to cut ties with these people. Even worse still, you should not be forced in a position where you have to choose. If this friend or relative is becoming a problem, one would need to speak about the problem assertively and explain how the negative impact is being created.

Any other things which are unacceptable in a relationship? Let us know in the comments section.

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