How to Spot a Great Employee

Recruitment is a difficult and lengthy process, especially in Malta where we operate in a red-hot job market with very limited resources. During the interview process, it is the job of HR personnel or in smaller businesses, the directors, to identify certain attitude traits which are essential for the running of an organisation. It is also the job of management to identify such traits in existing employees to understand the truly great members of staff.

Recent research where several business leaders were surveyed indicates that personality is one of the most important components, exceeding cultural fit and skill-set. Personality traits are normally formed during one’s formative years and are fixed at adulthood. Several things can change, however, personality does not. So what are the ideal personality traits of great employees?

Not blinded by immediate gratification

Great employees understand that they will need to work hard to prove themselves and reap beneficial professional results. Anything which is of high value is worth waiting for and great employees understand this. They are also willing to go beyond their standard job description for the benefit of the business.

Conflict handling

Exceptional employees are capable of handling conflict effectively, without escaping it. They can maintain a strong degree of assertiveness which allows them to examine situations confidently and objectively. They can keep their composure even when faced with personal attacks, not stooping down to that level.


Great employees have the discipline of maintaining their focus and execute with speed. They also keep their composure when shit hits the fan.


A rare virtue indeed. Excellent employees are able to take courageous decisions, speaking up when others are afraid to do so and challenge decisions they deem unfit for the company even when proposed by senior management. In this respect, they are able to identify the right time and place to do so.

Ego management

Certain employees realise that they provide highly valid contributions to the company. With that said, they are able to maintain a sense of humility, where their egos do not get in the way. In this sense, they understand that they too can err and are willing to accept responsibility for their shortcomings or mistakes.

Never satisfied

Staff members of a certain level accept that they can always improve, hence they never settle for their current performance. Irrespective of how well things are going, they are always committed to improving further.

Driven to solve

High performing employees will not settle for subpar and will therefore seek to solve problems and fix things which are broken. They will not accept something just because it has always been like that.

If a business does manage to retain such employees, well done, as they are indeed a rare breed.

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