How to Sober up when Drunk?

It is a good party and you are having a drink or two, or ten! With all the fun you’ve been having you have lost track of the number of drinks and you can feel the full room in motion as you struggle to make your way to the restroom. Your eyes are red and as you look in the mirror it is very clear to see that you are wasted. We have all been there!

When one drinks a lot, he will need to sober up. In this article, we discuss some of the things you could do to sober up. With that said, don’t think that any of these will remove the alcohol traces, so don’t you get any bright ideas about driving!


The caffeine makes you more aware. It does not, however, remove the alcohol in the body, hence you can still be intoxicated even after drinking caffeine.

Cold shower

Similar to the effects of caffeine, a cold shower can make you more alert. It is ideal to let someone know that you will be having a cold shower since some people can get shocked or lose consciousness.


Eating can help reduce the impact of alcohol entering into the bloodstream. Eating either before, during or after drinking will help.


Probably the best way to sober up is to  get some sleep. It allows your body to get the alcohol out of the system, enabling you to rest and recover.


Doing some physical exercise can allow you to gain some awareness, however, whether this actually helps you process the alcohol faster is not yet proven.

Drink (not more alcohol)

As a rule of thumb, some drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage they consume. Water will help keep you hydrated, slowing down the effects of alcohol. Water also helps the liver in processing alcohol.

No mixing

If you are feeling drunk, do not even think about having another drink, let alone something completely different. Mixing different drinks will make you worse, with a good chance of waking up with a bad hangover in the morning.

Still, keeping all these in mind will not guarantee that you will never get overwhelmed with alcohol. In this respect, we recommend to always have a designated driver and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.  Remember, alcohol is one of the main reasons for car accidents and deaths, so if you plan to drink, make sure you do not create any long-term consequences both for yourself and also others.

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