Grumpy Cat Dies

The internet sensation referred to as “Grumpy Cat” has died. The cat was popular due to its facial scowl and was used as a meme for several years across social media. She died at age seven, as reported by her owners. The cause of death seems to be associated with complications related to a urinary tract infection. She was under the care of top professionals, however, they could not save her.

The cat hailed from Arizona and has given countless laughs all over the world.

Grumpy Cat rose to fame in 2012, when a photograph of her unique expression was published on the internet and immediately adopted as a meme.  Her real name was Tardar Sauce.

Her popularity would reach to unexpected heights as she made television appearances and in 2014 featured in a Christmas film. The Madame Tussauds in San Francisco also created a waxwork of her back in 2015.

She boasts an Instagram account exceeding two million followers! Following her death, many people shared her meme as a tribute. The American actress who played her voice in the movie mentioned earlier, Aubrey Plaza, highlighted her disappointment and sadness at this sudden piece of bad news.

The owners of the cat have undoubtedly benefited from their ownership considering that they won a nice sum of seven hundred and ten thousand dollars from US coffee company Grenade, over a copyright lawsuit. Apparently, Grenade were selling more Grumpy products than they were allowed to. All they had rights to sell was the “Grumppuccino” iced drink. Her owner used to work as a waitress prior to her pet’s stardom. Once the cat became an internet sensation, she quit her job.

Who would’ve thought a cat could make you rich?

A memorial may be created for Grumpy Cat. Our sympathies with the owners and the millions of fans who found joy from the grumpiness.

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