7 Secret Tips to Prevent Aging

To a certain extent, we are all afraid of getting old. The concept of approaching death, day by day, as our body starts showing the slow but sure decay is a frightening experience for most. Whilst we certainly cannot prevent death and old age, we can provide however, some secret tips on how to delay the aging look. So read on! Perhaps with this article, you will look a few years younger.

Never sleep with your face pressed against the pillow

This is a tip you are most likely to have never heard of. Sleeping with your face pressed downwards on the pillow can create sleep lines that over the years can develop into wrinkles. Try to avoid sleeping in this way if you have the habit of doing so.

Drink milk

Milk is good for the skin due to its hydrating properties. It is also known to promote moisture and prevent dryness. Milk contains essential proteins, amino acids and vitamin A which help nourish the skin. It also helps to reduce the skin darkening brought about by ageing.

Drink water

We cannot really overemphasise the importance of drinking water, right? Water is one of the most important elements to live a quality life. Drinking a lot of water, round twelve glasses a day will help you in maintaining a glowing skin look, making you appear younger.

Healthy diet

You are what you eat. What you eat and how you appear are very closely associated. Many nutritionists recommend a healthy diet to combat ageing. With that said, adopting the right food habits to combat ageing is not as easy as it sounds. In this respect, this should be done little by little.

Drink green tea

Green tea has several beneficial properties. Such include anti-ageing elements which combat the development of Alzheimer’s and eye diseases. In addition to this, it also promotes bone density.


The promotion of sunscreen has been going on for quite a while. The most obvious benefits of sunscreen are that it helps protect against skin cancer and sunburn. In addition to this, sunscreen helps to fight wrinkles too. This is confirmed by a study undertaken by the American College of Physicians.

Skin exfoliation

This should really be adopted more frequently as it renews the skin. Apart from removing the dead skin and unclogging your pores, it makes your skin look and feels better. It is recommended that you do not exfoliate more than once a week, especially during the winter since it can make it dry and lose its appeal.

Any other tips to make yourself look and feel younger? Some recommend never getting married!

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