6 Wedding Traditions which are Outdated

6 Wedding Traditions which are Outdated

When you think about a wedding, you always imagine the usual kind of ceremony. The majority of the wedding traditions we are familiar with, date back to ancient times. As different cultures evolved, they have also created their very own wedding traditions. Some of the wedding customs we are used to are being viewed as somewhat old-school and are in fact no longer applied. In this article, we shall discuss some wedding rules which are outdated.

The bride’s parents always pay for the wedding

Today more than ever, couples are funding their own weddings. This is opposed to what used to happen in the past, where the bride’s family were expected to fork out the whole wedding ceremony. If the couple’s parents decide to pay half or the entire wedding costs, this is usually split up evenly between the groom’s and the bride’s parents. Ultimately it all depends on the couple’s decision and the families’ financial situations.

The bride walks down the aisle with her father

Brides are nowadays opting to walk down the aisle with both parents instead of with just her father.  Vice versa the groom is also opting to walk down the aisle with both of his parents, instead of just his mother alone.

Bridesmaid dresses have to be in the same style and colour

In the past, it was considered imperative that all bridesmaids’ dresses had to be the same. It has become more popular in recent years for the brides to choose a single colour and have all the bridesmaids wear a different dress style. This wedding trend allows the bride to pick and choose a dress which best suits the body shape, height and skin tone of each of her bridesmaids. If the bride opts to have identical bridesmaids she may end up in a situation where one or more of her bridesmaids may feel uncomfortable.

The Bride and groom can’t see each other before the wedding ceremony

This ritual is somewhat considered outdated. According to tradition, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other before the wedding ceremony as it was associated with bad luck. On the contrary, some couples love to meet before the wedding ceremony to ease tension and stress.

Wedding gift lists

In the past, asking for cash gifts was considered embarrassing. In fact, it was a tradition that couples used to draw up a wedding gift list to provide to their guests together with the wedding invite so that invitees could buy things the couple needs. Wedding gifts lists normally included items such as cutlery sets, luxury bedding sheets, tea sets and expensive home décor. This tradition has now become an outdated practice and couples are requesting cash presents.

Couples are not necessarily getting married in churches

In the past, it was somehow considered scandalous to not get married in a church. Nowadays this has become very common, in fact, the number of civil ceremonies taking place is increasing substantially. Couples are now opting to get married in a beautiful outdoor area such as in a barn or on a sandy beach.  

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