6 Ways you are Raising your Children for Failure

Most parents mean well and are convinced that their upbringing is the best for their children. We know for a fact that this is simply not the case. We hear about spoiled children all the time and to a certain extent, it is a reflection of the way that they are being raised by their parents. Although we do not pretend to be experts at parenting, in this article we discuss some of the approaches which can set up your children for failure.


In today’s modern lifestyle, parents are constantly spoiling children with the latest gadgets in a bid to make them happy and to compete well with others. Although it may seem like the ideal thing to do, this raises children with the mentality that they can acquire anything, whenever they want. This is in fact far from the truth and will land them to disappointment once they jump into the real world.

Too much attention

When kids get too much attention, they immediately become accustomed to believing that the world does and should revolve around them. This will become an issue as children will develop egocentric traits and will feel that people should treat them the same way as their parents do.

Disrespecting your parents

If your children see that you are disrespecting your parents, they will associate this with normal and acceptable behaviour. Children should be nurtured in a way to show respect to their parents so that they in turn can set a good example to their kids.

Putting your children over your partner

Children require a certain sense of commitment. With that said, it can create problems when they are put on a pedestal where they become more valued than one of the partners.

Failing to teach accountability

Accountability is an important trait. Children should learn the importance of responsibility at a very young age. It is not ok to excuse our children for not doing their homework or behaving inappropriately.

No punishment approach

Failing to punish your children will raise them with the mentality that they can do whatever they please and never pay any form of consequence. This is very far from the truth and can set children on a road of ill-discipline, failing in their life endeavours.

Although raising children is by no means an easy job, parents must understand that giving children all that they please is a very short-term solution, which may likely lead to long-term consequences of regret.

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