6 Ways you are Giving Bad Vibes at Work

We all know those people who set off bad vibes without even uttering a word. The reality is that some people manage to create a tense or negative environment without even speaking. In this article we discuss some of the things one can do to create bad vibes amongst those surrounding him. So make sure you avoid these behaviours. I know I will!

Avoiding eye contact

When in discussion with someone, it is an absolute must to maintain some form of eye contact. This will show the person that you are taking interest in the conversation and theme of discussion. Not saying that you should stare! Avoid staring! When your attention is diverted towards everything else except the person in front of you, the chances are that you will be interpreted as rude and disrespectful. Do you want that? I guess not.


Some people express their frustration by fidgeting. This could show by foot tapping, bouncing knees or drumming fingers. These non-verbal cues will make the people around you feel uncomfortable and they will be less likely to engage in communication with you. Such behaviour is extremely detrimental in job interviews, where you can appear tense and lacking confidence.

Overusing your phone

Although we have grown quite accustomed to people constantly hooked on to their phones, many have the bad habit of scrolling every few minutes. If this is done when you are interacting with others, it will send the signal that you are not giving the discussion the priority it may deserve.

Huffing and puffing

Irregular breathing and repeated sighs immediately communicate that you are frustrated, tense and that something is not right. In some cases, people do not know that they are doing it and will be transmitting this message for no reason at all. Nonetheless, the impression created is undesirable.

Fiddling with your clothes

If you are constantly fiddling with your clothes, you will give the impression that you are not comfortable and are insecure or anxious. If you are feeling uncomfortable, try adjusting your clothes in private.

Ignoring people

When people try to speak with you and you ignore them and keep staring at your screen, your colleagues may interpret this as disrespectful and that you do not have time for them. In turn this could make them feel as if you do not care and that you are not a team player.

How guilty are you of these behaviours? Address them immediately, so that you may portray a better image of yourself.

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