When should Mothers Lose Custody of the Kids

We have grown accustomed to hearing about separation cases where both husband and wife battle over the custody of the kids and who gets to spend more time with them. In most cases, we get to see a compromise agreement where the males get to accept a limited number of hours to spend time with their children, whilst females enjoy the benefit of getting to see their children more than the opposite counterparty. In this regard, many have a strong opinion that courts tend to favour the mothers instead of the fathers.

Come to think about it, how many times have you heard about a court case where the father gets the most benefits? I know I never! Apart from that, most males end up paying child support. Alas, this is one of the sides of equality which we find it very convenient to never discuss.

With that said, there does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel. A certain Mr Justice Coleridge said that mothers who refused to allow fathers access to their children should have them taken away. Most men would agree! Women who deny children to see their fathers are not fit for parenthood.

The judge said that women who continuously defy court orders should have the children taken away after the third failed attempt, putting them in the sole custody of the father. This measure is being proposed in the wake of the fact that family courts are losing their authority, as many people are ignoring their judgements. This is backed by a surprising statistic where around five thousand new cases a year include parents who defy court orders. In this case, it is almost always the mother who defies the court.

In this regard, many judges are hesitant about sending mothers to jail due to the damaging effects on children. This is true to a certain point as it would be immensely traumatic for a child to see one of his parents convicted in prison.

With that said, the judge emphasises that it may be beneficial to send a mother to jail.

What are your views on such comments? What would you do if you were denied access to your children? What laws should be put in place to ensure that both parents get their fair share of time with their children?

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