Pete Buttigieg – Making Malta Proud

We have been recently greeted by positive news highlighting that the thirty-seven-year-old presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is half-Maltese. He currently serves as mayor of the city of South Bend in the state of Indiana. He is performing notably well, as he is climbing up the polls. If you have heard his interviews, you may find it difficult to notice the Maltese mannerisms, as he has a low pitch tone of voice and seems to be consistently calm.

In his childhood, Pete Buttigieg has visited Malta a number of times during the summer periods, meaning that he is well acquainted with the island. During his visits, he would stay with his grandmother, who could only communicate in Maltese. As he grew, he became more interested in Maltese politics and followed the 2017 Malta election closely. Would have been great to hear his view of it all, but hey, probably better not.

Apparently, he is also a big fan of the San Gejtanu feast and the Lija fireworks.

His political ideology revolves around liberalism that holds dear traditional family values and the common good. The political underpinning he represents goes against Donald Trump’s and any other populist approach.  Considering these political traits, he would make an enticing option for Americans who want a complete change.

He is well read academically, being a Harvard and Oxford graduate whilst also being a Rhodes scholar. He studied both history and literature and can speak eight languages. He also served in the military in Afghanistan.

He also has quite a track record as a mayor where he brought life back to South Bend. His mark was made due to the fact that its population started to grow again for the first time in five hundred years! This was done by attracting businesses, tackling gun violence and reclaiming abandoned houses.

Pete Buttigieg is also the first openly gay presidential candidate. He is married to Chasten Buttigieg, a school teacher. Together they have two adopted dogs. He would be an ideal fit considering that he is highly knowledgeable, polite, cultured and well-mannered.

A few days ago, Trump took the time to make reference to Pete, comparing him to a cartoon character. As diplomatic as they get, Pete had his own reply up his sleeve, saying that he did not get the reference as he is not familiar with the cartoon character, implying that it must be a generational thing. He also expressed his surprise that Trump was not investing more time in trying to salvage the China deal.

The best of luck to Pete Buttigieg for his run as a presidential candidate!

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