Norman Lowell Lands F Living in Trouble

Following a recent television interview with controversial Imperium Europa candidate Norman Lowell, F-Living television station was fined a sum of one thousand, one hundred and sixty Euro, due to inappropriate comments about disabled children.Norman Lowell, who refers to himself as an artist and author will be running for the third time for the MEP elections. He also shared positive comments on Adolf Hitler. The television programme which raised this controversy took place on the 5th of April.

The decision by the Broadcasting Authority followed a police report by the Commission for the Rights of People with a Disability, over a comment promoting eugenics. This refers to a set of beliefs and practices which are believed to improve the quality of human genetics by excluding inferior groups. Norman Lowell reinforced this point by stating that mentally defective babies should be aborted or else granted a mercy killing.

Some other comments which have not been well received by the general community is when Norman Lowell compared disabled people to “village idiots” and implied that no one wants “handicapped people”.

It was also emphasised by the Broadcasting Authority that Norman Lowell made comments which incite hatred based on race and ethnicity. One of the comments he made was that Africans had an inferior IQ when compared to Europeans.

In response to the fine, the CEO of F-Living highlighted that the station was giving an opportunity to Member of European Parliament candidates for the sake of freedom of expression. The Broadcasting Authority, on the other hand, stated that while it respects freedom of expression, it is up to the station to ascertain that people were protected from such comments.

In the past, Norman Lowell had stated that migrants should be physically stopped from entering Maltese waters, including being gunned down at sea. In 2008, he was given a two-year jail term suspended for four years after he was pronounced guilty of inciting racial hatred and passing insults to the President of Malta.

He has also been in a circle of further controversy when he compared the World War Two concentration camp Auschwitz to the “Disneyland of Poland”.

Other comments by Norman Lowell which caused a upstir in discussion is that mating with dark-skinned people is a sacrilege, whilst procreating with Slavs would be ideal for the Maltese race. He also remarked that intelligent women are not breeding children and that intellectually inferior ones get pregnant a lot. He also took the opportunity to flirt a bit with a woman who promised that she would vote for him.

So what are your views on the ideology of Norman Lowell? A  love-hate relationship?

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