Extreme Opposites in Malta

Malta does seem to be a country where in certain circumstances we have two groups fighting it off against each other. Not only do these arguments represent the different beliefs and what the Maltese people feel strongly about, it is also some good fun hearing the arguments clashing. In this article we discuss some examples of the extreme opposites in Malta. Enjoy!

Nazzjonalisti vs Laburisti

I am starting with the most obvious first. These clashes have been going on ever since I can remember and way before that. I doubt we will ever see the end of the clashes between the supporters of the two main political parties. The debates heat up as elections near, especially when a topical discussion of controversy hits centre stage. These debates used to be much more tense when the gap between both parties was narrower and big fights led to some tragic events.

Taljani vs Inglizi

On a less serious note, the Maltese population is split mainly into two as well when it comes to national football teams. Those who support the Italians versus those who support the English. The waves of fury were more intense in times where both the Italian and English national teams had better quality teams than today. Let’s just say that in the past, the Italian supporters had more to enjoy with a world cup win and several good matches.

Accountants vs lawyers

The rifts between accountants and lawyers start very early, as from the university benches you could notice the strong sense of competition and quirky comments aimed to ridicule the opposing profession. In the past, this sense of competition was even stronger, since now accountants and lawyers need to work together more frequently to adapt to the needs of the modern economy.

All localities vs tas-South

Malta is a very small country. Within this very small island, we still manage to create factions based on geographical areas. People born and bred in the southern areas of Malta are normally labelled as different and of poor taste, when compared to people in the posh areas within the country such as Sliema and St. Julian’s.

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