Couples are Actually having Less Sex

Couples are Actually having Less Sex

New research published in the United Kingdom indicates that today’s couples are having less sex. Stay strong, you are not alone! The study was created based on a comparison of couples in the previous two decades. With that said, although many people are having less sex, it does not mean that their sexual desires are diminishing, in fact, the number of people wanting more is increasing.

The research was undertaken in the form of a survey and found that being married or living with your partner is positively correlated with less sex. This trend also seems to be extended to those of a younger age, as people who are over twenty-five are having less sex. In this regard, more than two-thirds of males and half of the women in the UK highlight that they would want more sexual activity. What is surprising is that these declines in sexual activity were not reported to the same extent by single people. Forty-three per cent of men who are single said that they did not have sex in the previous month in 2012. A strong statistic when compared to the fifty per cent reported in 1991.

Less than one in six people reported that they had sex more than ten times in the month selected for 2012. On the other hand, just over twenty per cent reported that they had sex ten times or more in 2001.

It is important to keep in mind that this research was conducted in the UK and such results may not be generally applied across the whole world. With that said, researchers state that the overall findings correlate to those of other countries, for example, the United States.

Whilst the study does not delve into the reasons why there are such dips in sexual activity, there are several theories as to why this trend could be gaining speed. When couples are raising children, this may make them too exhausted for sexual activity. Another reason could be the fast-paced lifestyle, demanding careers and longer working hours.

Research also indicates that people may be tempted to believe that their peers are having more sex than they are, therefore contributing to further disappointment.

Missing out on regular sex is also detrimental due to the health benefits of sexual activity, such as reduced stress, improved heart health, better sleep and weight loss.

Perhaps it’s time to hit the sheets?

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