The Value of a Rolex

You have been likely living under a rock if you have never heard of Rolex. Due to their investment in marketing as years went by, the Rolex brand has become the epitome of a luxury watch. Those who have Rolex at heart will notice that their relationship with it is one of admiration and appreciation. One must also understand that Rolex has managed to maintain its status amongst the evolving competition, which is no easy feat!

One cannot deny that a Rolex communicates a certain distinct taste of wealth and status for whoever wears it. The wearers normally enjoy a certain status edge over others.

So what are the reasons you would buy a Rolex?


Have you got engaged or married? Perhaps you have gotten your MBA? A Rolex is a timeless and sophisticated way how to commemorate this rare success in life. It’s only around eur10k away

Career success

You have finally landed that big promotion. Your salary has grown remarkably across these past years and wants to commemorate this career satisfaction with buying a Rolex.

Choice of style

Some people are just in love with a great sense of style. A Rolex will complement any style and alleviate your self-image.

Financial security

What? WHAT! What do I mean by this: Once people reach a state of financial independence and security, they decide to reward themselves, and what better way than a Rolex to do so?

When should you buy your first Rolex?

Simply put, you should buy your first Rolex when you are emotionally and financially ready. You should never rush into buying your first one. Research as much as you can and gain the required information, by visiting outlets and checking out different views and opinions on forums. Ideally, if it is your first Rolex, you should buy a new one. This way you know exactly what you are getting without any issues. On a separate note, it is always nice to know that the Rolex you bought has belonged solely to you.

You will also need to decide on the style. Do you want something to wear on formal occasions or an everyday watch? In essence, you will need to determine what you want your watch to say about you. To play it right, your first Rolex should have a sense of timelessness so that you can wear it even as the years go by.

It is also ideal to try on different Rolex watches to get a good feel and see what fits and matches you best!

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