The First Debate – Joseph Muscat vs Adrian Delia

It has been a long time coming. The first debate between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the Leader of Opposition Adrian Delia took place on TVM’s Xtra, hosted by Saviour Balzan. The debate could not happen any sooner as the country prepares itself for two upcoming elections, the local council election and Member of European Parliament election.

For those who expected a fiery debate like the ones we are accustomed to, I am afraid we have been disappointed as it has been one of the calmest I can remember. With that said it did have its moments and in this article, we will be highlighting some of these.

How many more foreigners can we take?

One of the Nationalist party’s main arguments is that Malta is currently undertaking economics of quantity where we are growing only due to the large influx of foreigners coming in. It is emphasised that we are one of the smallest countries in the European Union and the most densely populated.


Another point of contention was whether the Labour party actually subscribes to its roots. Adrian Delia pointed out that the Labour party seems to distance itself from the socialist label. Could this be because the European Union socialists are pro-abortion?

Push backs

Joseph Muscat referred to the push back issue which was meant to send a signal to the European Union that Malta will not carry the immigration burden alone. He called on Adrian Delia for signing a letter against him to steer away from the push back approach back then. Muscat emphasised that in the past, the foreigners were not a problem and now all of a sudden they seem to be, arguing that Delia is either inconsistent or does not believe in what he is saying.

Foreigners should pick up the trashOne of the controversial points throughout the debate! Muscat argued that he wants a situation where the Maltese are engaged in professional jobs and the foreigners to undergo dirty and tough work.


The argument that the teaching profession is not as respected as others has been around for quite some time. Adrian Delia argued that the teaching profession is no longer attracting people and we run the risk that children will not have enough teachers for their education.

No resignations

One of the arguments made by the Leader of Opposition is that those who have been involved in corruption and tainted Malta’s reputation have not yet resigned.


The Prime Minister said that it would be a mess if we placed limits on incoming foreigners and it is precisely that same approach which led the UK to its current predicament.


The Prime Minister confirmed that the tunnel project will be taking place and it is a question of whether we should dig underground or build pipes.

Saviour Balzan could not stop interrupting Adrian Delia

Our faith in objective interviewers has diminished over the past years, especially in politics! In this debate however, it was quite obvious on which side the interviewer was leaning towards.

So who convinced you the most in this debate?

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