A Potato Holiday: What on Earth is so Exciting about Potatoes

A Potato Holiday : What on Earth is so Exciting about Potatoes?

Most probably, if you are planning a holiday, you will be thinking about the appropriate accommodation. A hotel is the most obvious choice, whilst rental apartments are also growing in popularity due to better prices and more flexibility. In Big Idaho however, there is an alternative accommodation, taking the form of a furnished potato. Whilst we do know that many people earn their living from potatoes, gaining income from a potato as a means of accommodation is quite strange!

Some people have potato blood in their veins whilst others can actually live in them!

This Airbnb Potato story takes to  the ‘The Big Idaho Potato Hotel’ saga which can be seen on Airbnb with an accommodation price of two-hundred dollars per night (200$ !!). The interior side boasts a queen-sized bed, bathroom and small lounge area. Although it does not have a large surface area, it has enough space for two people to enjoy a holiday. It has sufficient space for two armchairs and a certain degree of character with a chandelier which seems to have been fashioned out of potato skins. I would have just one concern, not just one but, take a look at the bathroom:

The bathroom is not exceptionally big, however consists of all the necessary requirements. One can easily notice that there was a lot of thought in the design to maximise the existing limited space. A kitchenette within this giant potato is also available for some cooking. Whilst one would not expect any element of luxury within a giant potato, the place consists of its own fireplace to keep guests warm in the colder winter months. Such elements give the place a sense of luxury.

The views are not that bad either. If one decides to go outside for a stroll, he can enjoy the sight of the Owyhee Mountains. To rent this place, apart from the two hundred dollars per night, there is a thirty-one dollar service fee and another 16 dollars in occupancy taxes and other fees.

If you are really interested in checking this potato out, you can have a look on Airbnb. Would you consider a holiday staying inside a potato? I don’t!

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