7 Best Ways to Vent Stress

We have all undoubtedly felt angry at times. It is only natural! A number of different things may make someone angry which can include somebody treating you wrongly or simply life circumstances which do not go as planned. We can never be really in a position to avoid anger, what we can do however is manage it. Not venting your anger can have severe repercussions on both your physical and mental health, impacting you personally and also the people around you. In this article, we discuss ways and means how to healthily vent anger, in a constructive way.

Get physical

No, I do not mean punching the person who has made you angry! I mean engaging in physical exercise to convert the negative energy into positive. Running or biking are good options for you to consider. Once you are done, you will feel a lot better due to the release of endorphins.

Speak to someone you trust

A shoulder to cry on goes a long way. A partner or friend who listens to us can help us better identify the reasons for our anger and give us an objective viewpoint.


Having a busy work schedule can make it difficult to keep a hobby. When you are angry however, it is one of the best ways to vent your frustration, be it a football match with the mates or gardening, you should have a few minutes a day to do something you enjoy.


Although it would be ideal to tackle your problems at the earliest, sometimes a break from the situation can do a world of good, especially if there is nothing else you can do about it.


Find a creative outlet which soothes your senses. Be it drawing, writing or knitting, spend some time engaging in activities where you can let your creativity roam wild.


Practising mindfulness techniques allows you to improve your mood and make you calm, tranquil and relaxed over a short period of time.

Address the situation

Every problem has a solution. If you are angry at something unjust which has happened to you, ideally you create a plan of action to solve the problem. By solving the problem you may also tackle your anger issue, making you feel better, hopefully for the long-term!

Anger which is not managed appropriately can get out of hand, resulting in aggressive outbursts. Managing anger is a key component in leading a better life and avoiding complications. Do you have any other tips on how to manage anger? Share with us in the comments section.

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