4 Tips to get in Shape for Summer

Spring’s bright and sunny days are only a reminder that summer is just around the corner. It is that time of the year again where you should start planning on toning up your body. Certainly, there is no denying that everyone loves to look good in their bathing suits and show off a little bit of skin here and there when clubbing. In this article, we shall be discussing some slimming tips on how to get in shape for summer.

Make sure to exercise!

Exercise is essential for our body not only to prevent weight gain but also has a number of associated health benefits. Fitness instructors suggest that in order to get in shape for the summer months, it is important to have a route map to get to where you want to be. Simply hitting the gym and doing the daily identical workouts may not always work out for you and may not get the results you aspire to achieve. Sticking to a workout plan such as a twelve-week program is key to achieve great results.

Focus on splitting your workouts at different intervals of the day doing some cardio in the morning and more muscle-based exercise in the evening. Studies have shown that interval training helps to increase your metabolism and keeps burning calories long after you finish your workout.

Consume food in smaller portions

The most important thing when it comes to your body is what consume. As a rule of thumb, smaller, more frequent meals will help boost your metabolism. If you consume junk food on a regular basis, no amount of exercise can combat this unhealthy approach.

Planning your meals is just as important as scheduling your workout. Take some time once every week to plan out your meals for the next seven days. In your diet make sure to include the right foods, eating lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fats. If you usually get hungry in between meals, prepare a fruit salad to take with you to work.

Drink green tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and can help promote weight loss as it boosts your metabolism. It also has a number of health benefits as it is capable of controlling high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure amongst others.

Consume raw garlic

Raw garlic has beneficial compounds, reducing body fat. Garlic is an excellent ingredient as it does not only boost your metabolism but also increases your energy levels. Garlic has the ability to suppress one’s appetite making you feel fuller throughout the day. It is also a detoxifying ingredient as it flushes away the bad toxins from your body, improving your digestive system.

The best time to consume raw garlic is first thing in the morning with a glass of water. You can add some lemon juice to help ease the bad taste.

So will you be getting in shape this summer?  I’m not.

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