Images that say it all.

We all carry some sort of Camera device, cameras are available through the cheapest of phones ranging up to the most expensive professional DSLRs. yet it is very hard to be in one place at a perfect time, with your camera handy, and ready to take the shot of a lifetime. Here at B?P, we love to share these experiences, you can in fact check out our photography section in our categories menu.

Take a look at these, less positive images. Perhaps we may take this read as a reminder of how really lucky most of us are, and how much this under rated act called love can really change things around us.

It all starts with a dream. Imagination is an important part of the development of our children. Thing big, young man.

Anything is good for as long as this creature can remain mobile. Perhaps we can be more careful in order to avoid hurting nature and the world around us.

Compassion and treating everyone around you as your equal, makes the world a better living place.

What better image to promote love as a preference to racism. We are one, and we all need each other.

We see many images of cats and dogs together, Different birds living together, and eating from the same pots, This image is impressive, A dog helps another blind dog. Why can’t us human beings be respectful and helpful? Many people say that animals do not have a soul. I would think this over and over.

A small brick wall divides rich and poor, This young man has will, determination. He wants to be part of a better picture.

One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare. This whale is probably one of the million victims of a fishing tackle. Another one gone.

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