The Samsung Galaxy Fold has Been Delayed

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been Delayed

As excited as I was for the launch of this new product, which in a nutshell integrates the function of a smartphone and tablet within one device, news reports are now saying that this amazing concept will be delayed. The reason for this delay is due to defective devices which are being discovered now as they are being tested by reviewers. Across a number of tests, the screens are flickering, freezing and dying after being used for a couple of days.

Imagine buying a eur2000 plus phone which is set to herald the new generation of smart devices, then you find out that the screen is defective and giving you problems.

Samsung had been planning the release of the Galaxy Fold on the 3rd May in the UK, however, they are now constrained to perform further testing and they have communicated that a new launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

A truly disappointing turn of events in my view, not only for consumers but also the market as well, which would have benefited from this piece of innovation. Whilst one would not expect this device to be a mass market hit, due to the expensive price, there is the possibility that it takes the industry into a new direction. A new innovative way which has been lacking over the past few years.

One of the reviewers took to Twitter to state that his Galaxy Fold screen broke just after a day.

Initial tests seem to conclude that there may be issues when pressure is applied on the exposed areas of the hinges that open and close the phone. In its statement, Samsung said that it will work on ways to better protect the Galaxy Fold screen and emphasised that the outside protective layer must not be removed.

Samsung has stated that many reviewers have highlighted that there is great potential in the product. With that said, reviewers have also provided feedback that there are further improvements required to ascertain optimal user experience. In order to ensure that this feedback is well evaluated, further tests need to take place, which is why we now have a delayed launch date.

It also seems that other test phones are working well. The Galaxy Fold is expected to allow for an estimated number of two hundred thousand folds in its lifetime.

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