How Gambling Can Ruin your Life

How Gambling Can Ruin your Life

Gambling is a serious problem. It destroys your life and will leave you in a precarious position even if you manage to overcome it, which is extremely hard. It will suck the life off you, together with your money, robbing you of your financial independence and happiness. The repercussions are terrible as you will have plenty of pieces to fix as you spiral into the world of gambling.

It is a silent problem which may not be evident and can be easily concealed. If you are dealing with an alcoholic, the signs may be more clear and may include smells of alcohol, red eyes and trembling hands and body posture. With gambling, it is a totally different ball game as there are no physical signs to show that a person suffers from this addiction.

The addiction is likely to worsen and if you know someone who suffers from uncontrollable gambling, you should offer help! With the level of convenience offered, developing a gambling addiction has become all the more easier as we are constantly bombarded by ads, pushing us to try our luck. All it takes to gamble your money is to open an online account, an active credit card and let the playing commence. You can do so from the comfort of your own home without needing to go to a casino or similar gambling places.

The addiction to gambling can severely affect the player and his close ones in different ways including socially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, occupationally and financially! In extreme cases, players have resorted to stealing money from their close ones or employers to finance their gambling habits. This can have severe long-term repercussions which may include prison time. In this article we mention some ways how gambling addiction can utterly destroy your life.

Lose family and friends

An addiction to gambling might easily blur your judgement, making your closest ones afraid to interact with you. Many marital breakdowns are due to gambling addiction, which can also lead to social isolation, since it becomes the main priority, leaving you very little time for a social life.

Anxiety and depression

The thrill, mixed together with the fear of losing money can easily increase your stress and anxiety levels. The disappointment of losing money can lead you to depression. The sense of despair in relation to gambling is positively correlated with suicides which are not uncommon. Gambling has the highest rates of suicide when compared to other addictions.

Declining work performance

The personal devastation and lack of purpose might easily spill on someone’s working career, where all motivation is lost due to the futility of a life led by gambling and the financial catastrophe which ensues.

Financial turmoil

Gambling ruins your personal finances. When it takes over, people barely manage to feed themselves and their family, let alone pay their bills and cater for existing commitments. This can lead to a world of trouble as people would not be able to afford a roof over their heads and may end up in poverty and homelessness.

Thought that lottery ticket was a good idea? Better think again!

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