Diets that are Bad for You

Diets that are Bad for You

Everyone loves to feel in shape and look good for the summer months. People who are over their preferred weight start paying closer attention to their eating habits this time of year. Many people start searching over the internet for the best dietary approaches to get in shape for summer.  In this article, we will discuss some methods commonly adopted by people to lose weight faster, and which have a negative impact on our health.

A low carb diet

Research studies by a group of medical practitioners forming part of the European Society of Cardiology Congress have found that a low carb diet is indeed a cause for concern as it has negative effects on our health. A low intake of carbs increases the risk of premature death and can also lead to several chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke or cancer.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. It helps fuel the brain, heart muscles, kidneys and the central nervous system. As a result, a low carb diet may lead a person to feel constant tiredness, low-fat experience difficulty concentrating, nausea and may also get recurring headaches.

A low carb diet may surely be beneficial in the short-term as this will help you lose weight faster, however, in the long-term, this may have serious implications on the wellbeing of your health.

A   diet

A low fat diet allows for no more than 10% of calories from fats. These diets are mostly plant-based and limit the intake of animal products such as eggs and meats.

The risks associated with a low-fat diet can be poor functioning of the brain, hormone imbalances, higher risk of insulin resistance and diabetes and increased chances of suffering from anxiety and depression.

The brain is largely dependent on fats as it requires a number of fatty acids to perform to its maximum capacity. The lack of fats is associated with poor cognitive performance.

Not consuming enough fats can create hormone imbalances. Fats play a fundamental part in building cell membranes and hormones. Studies show that people who undertake a low-fat diet may be at an increased chance of infertility and other hormonal issues in women. Women may experience menstrual problems and can also have difficulty in getting pregnant.

Eating fats are key to control insulin. Insulin is sometimes called our fat storing hormone. It helps to introduce glucose into our cells, having the ability to lower our blood sugar levels.

Fatty acids play an important role in brain activity because they have the capacity to control moods and prevent depression and anxiety.

Thinking about starting a new diet? Just keep in mind that fast weight loss is almost never healthy! being healthy is pretty much a way of life and there are no shortcuts to that.

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