Why do People Lose Interest in Sex?

Ever dated someone for an extended period of time and then started to wonder where it all went wrong with your sex appetite? You will recall that the sex was phenomenal and now you wonder why it sometimes tends to be a chore rather than an activity you look forward to. In this article, we discuss the reasons why you may have lost interest in sex.

Easily accessible

When sex becomes easily accessible, you are less likely to appreciate the act itself, especially if it is something you get regularly. When you need to work less at achieving something, you will automatically take it for granted, hence will become less valuable to you.

Same old same old

When something is routine, it becomes less interesting. If you have grown used to the same sexual experience, it may be time to see how you can spice things up.


Although having children is one of life’s most satisfying milestones, taking care of them leaves its toll and allows little energy for anything else. Tending to kids can be stressful and might leave no mood for any fun time between the sheets.


One of the main contributors for a lower sex drive would be spending too many hours at the office. If you are working hard and have multiple things to catch up with, this can leave you drained by the time you are in bed, making you less inclined for anything else except sleep.

Lack of physical activity

If you do not find the time to invest in your body by means of some regular physical activity, your sex life could suffer. Try different exercises such as walking or jogging and consider some gym activity to build your body’s endurance and perform better in bed.


Some people might come to a stage where they are not confident with their physical appearance hence would be inclined to avoid sex. This may be due to their physical shape or other things pertaining to their appearance that they may be less fond of.

Lack of communication

This may be one of the biggest problems. When there are issues, they should be addressed. Although there may be some barriers when it comes to pointing out some deficiencies and issues related to sex, communication needs to take place to overcome them.

Such a lack of sexual activity may have severe repercussions on any couple. It could lead to break-ups or separation and additional turmoil.

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