Eating Pizza is actually Good for You

Pizza is one of the most favourite dishes around the world. The delightful combination of a thin crust, rich tomato sauce and tasty mozzarella cheese is sure to entice even the most sophisticated of palates.  With that said, pizza is normally associated with unhealthy eating since it is high in calories sodium and carbs. In this article, we shed some light on the health benefits of pizza and also share some tips on how to increase its nutritional value.

When discussing a pizza’s nutritional value, it may be best to discard frozen ones completely out of the equation, since they are likely to contain artificial preservatives, added sugar and unhealthy fats.

Freshly made pizza is definitely the way to go! They would contain healthier ingredients when compared to the processed ones in supermarkets and fast-food places. Creating the dough from scratch allows you to use healthy ingredients, such as olive oil. To make your pizza healthier, it would be ideal to create the sauce as well, that way you will avoid the extra sugars, combining with it fresh cheeses and healthy toppings. Such toppings may include vegetables and healthy protein sources such as chicken, ideally grilled! The delicious vegetables you may add to your pizza include peppers, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, garlic and mushrooms. You should also avoid toppings which include processed meats.

Although such an approach will make a healthier pizza, you should still manage the amount consumed as it can contribute to weight gain if one overeats.

You could also consider combining a salad with your pizza. It serves as a different add-on to what we are accustomed to and is definitely healthy.

Just when you thought that pizza was an unhealthy alternative, there you have it! It can actually be a healthier food option. Just remember that fresh, homemade ingredients go a long way.

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