7 Habits of People Who are Never Stressed

I have always been remarkably fascinated with people who are never stressed. There are some people who are able to handle whatever life throws at them and yet they are never seen in a frustration or panic mode. They simply process it and move on. In this article we will list some of the reasons why certain people never get stressed out, and what one can do to emulate, or feel less anxious and worried. So, what exactly do these people do differently than us common mortals?


People who do not feel stressed are good at delegating and able to identify where they will need help. Take, for example, a couple where both spouses are highly engaged with their work. The effective delegation would mean that they would be capable of assigning certain responsibilities such as childcare to nannies or grandparents, and also would delegate tasks to their team members when necessary.

Me time

People who manage stress invest the proper amount of time for themselves, for sleeping, eating and exercise. Failing to replenish yourself with these important activities is likely to lead to moments of unbearable stress.

Avoid drama

One of the ways to keep yourself de-stressed is by avoiding stressful situations and people. If you are overly exposed to people who just thrive on drama and bad news, you would be more prone to feel stressed and as if your productivity has been drained away from you.

Understand when it is time for a break

People who do not suffer from stress identify the right moments when they should be taking a break. If this means some time on their own or out with friends, they simply take the opportunity at the right moment to ensure that their minds rest.


In addition to identifying the right moment when to take a break, non-stressed people indulge in sports and arts. It allows them to express themselves and engage in activities which require a sense of discipline and skill.

Avoid overthinking

People who are not stressed do not overthink certain episodes and situations. They proceed with doing things rather than wasting time thinking more than they should about them.


People who are optimistic are less likely to feel stressed with the happenings of life. Feeling stressed is heavily dependent on how you react to situations. Approaching them with optimism is key for managing stress.

Adopting certain behaviours which counter stress is highly beneficial. It will not only allow you to lead a more tranquil lifestyle, but will help you in becoming more productive.

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