The Food We Eat is Killing Us

In a society where people are constantly on the move, we rarely stop and think about the food we are eating on a daily basis. We take it for granted that the food we buy from supermarkets is perfectly safe and healthy.

Looking at our diets, most of the meals we consume on a daily basis may be harmful to our health. This is especially so for the goodies we love to eat which are packed with fat, salt and sugar, all very dangerous if consumed excessively in large quantities. To top that off, most of the processed foods are loaded with chemicals and preservatives to maintain their taste and longevity.

Carefully selecting healthy food is more time consuming and expensive, leaving the pre-packed food items a more enticing option. In this regard, most people are willing to indulge in such food items which may taste better and are less time consuming to cook, at the expense of their health.

There is also concern around the meat we eat. Although we grow animals much larger than we used to, this comes at a price. Animals are pumped with growth hormones to a stage where they simply cannot grow anymore and are left to die in their own manure. If people were more aware of how their meat is being processed for consumption, they would be likely to change their eating habits.

Another cause for concern relates to the vegetables we eat. Over the past years, we have seen an increase of genetically modified crops. It is true that our fruit looks big, nice and shiny, however external chemicals are at play here. In this regard, nobody knows the long-term impact of such genetically modified food to our health.

Problems related to diet are evident, especially in Malta where we continue reporting high levels of obesity. A nationwide awareness is required to promote better consumption patterns.

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