If you love driving your car around Europe then you MUST read this article.

The trend of buying a ticket for your car, your family and head off to Sicily, and if you are more adventurous, Italy and further, is now becoming more popular than ever. The feeling of packing your travel bags, throw them in your luggage booth, and head off on a beach spree way up to the Amalfitan coast and sleep in the next available hotel gives the sense of freedom the Maltese islands can never offer.

Everything is all sun and fun until you end up on the side of a motorway. S#%t happens when we least expect it to happen, and this is why it is always safe to make the right arrangements before you leave the island. Enjoy washing and polishing your vehicle for your own ego but that’s as far as this will take you. There is something else all of you must do as soon as you have bought your tickets for your next adventure.

RMF needs no introduction as they have been offering breakdown services probably longer than you have lived. This article will give you all the knowledge there is to prove our point: Do not go overland unless you have booked your European assistance pack with RMF or you may regret it

These memberships have been designed specifically for you, a person who loves to travel overseas. RMF covers both local and overseas: You can choose your prefered option: A 3-month or a 12-month membership (local & European assistance). Members who are already enrolled with RMF and requiring roadside assistance cover when overseas may purchase just an “overseas extension”.

You may also be enticed to apply for a personal membership which you can extend to cover you on your travels abroad.

There are the usual terms and conditions which can be found through the website however, we prepared a list of what we believe matters most when it comes to peace of mind in foreign countries.

Is my vehicle eligible for this service?

Do you consider your car to be of normal size? As long as your car is not longer than 10 metres and not older than 10 years than you’re good to go.

What happens when I need help?

No need for tears, give RMF a call and they will send a representative to the site where your vehicle has broken down as soon as possible.

What if my car breaks down at 1 am?

You can call RMF any time, even late at night, someone will be ready to assist you.

If the car can be repaired at its place of breakdown, you’re good to go in minutes, If however, for any reason whatsoever, you’re good to tow

How much would the towing service cost?

When abroad, you and your vehicle will be transported to the next safe repair centre, for free, that is unless you insist to be taken to a specific location.

Can I call RMF for anything?

Of course, you cannot! RMF does not offer life coaching nor psychiatric help. However, if you need help whenever your vehicle betrays you, then you must call right away and let us help you move on with your life.


You’re covered.

What if I want to buy a car from the UK and wish to drive it back home?

Don’t risk a lovely adventure turn into a nightmare. Give RMF a call on +356 2122 5536 and get covered.


The fee for your 3-month membership, including both local and overseas assistance, is of only €45.00 whilst that for the 12-month membership including local and overseas assistance costs €100.00. Just that!

For that extra peace of mind, we highly suggest you click on the link below to access RMF’s contact us section and start your conversation with one of their consultants.

RMF Ltd, Guardamangia Hill,
Pieta, PTA 1313,

RMF offices are manned by dedicated personnel 24 hours a day throughout the year and whether you need roadside assistance or just have an enquiry, you can call from Monday to Sunday at any time, day or night.

Telephone Numbers:
General enquiries:    2122 5536
SOS  Malta:              2124 2222 / 2144 2422
SOS  Gozo:              2155 8844
Freephone:              8007 2221
General enquiries:
Sales enquiries:

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