8 Things You Should Never Do, in general

There are a number of things in life which are a definite no-no. As we grow older and hopefully become more mature, we realise that there are certain things we should never steer towards to, either through common sense or painful experience. In this article, we discuss some of the things you should avoid.

Sending an angry email

You are stressed out at work trying to keep up with all the deadlines and tasks coming in. Somebody sends you a sarcastic email as a reminder and you see red. Your instinct tells you to bark back and send an angry email explaining your situation and that such comments are not appropriate from the sender’s end. As the anger kicks in, you insert another two adjectives aimed at ridiculing the opposing party. You click send. Next thing you know you are in trouble for inappropriate communication and for hurling insults at colleagues. Once an email is sent there is no way you can amend your tone, as it is written for everyone to see.

Visit the loo just before the bill arrives especially on a first date

You enjoyed a good time at a restaurant with good food and wine. Your bowel starts to give and you rush off to the toilet just after dessert. If done so at the wrong time, people on your table may immediately think that the reason you rushed off to the loo is so that you avoid the bill. Next thing you know, you are the Scrooge of the group.

Let anyone control you

In life, we will encounter several people who attempt to bend us to their will. It could be our colleagues, family members or partners or your cat who attempts to use us to arrive at a specific point.

Spend more than you earn

Everyday life will tempt us to spend money on trivial things, incurring additional expenses. Before you know it you will end up spending more than you earn, having to turn towards your saved money, or even worse, relatives.

Forget those who helped you in tough times

We will all pass through tough times. In moments like these, you find that only a select few of people will extend a helping hand. The normal friends and acquaintances will not be there during these turbulent moments. Make sure you never abandon those who helped you out when you were backed against a wall. 

Argue with a cop

If you have been stopped by a cop, the first instinctual reaction would be to complain and argue. Sometimes it is best to own up and admit fault rather than spending the night at a police depot.

Forget your health

Our busy lifestyle makes it easy to forget the most important thing in your life, your health. Eat well and exercise regularly to ensure your body is kept in good shape and overall health.

Drink too much at social gatherings

Social gatherings such as weddings and other parties are indeed, causes for celebration. With that said, you will need to manage how much you drink, otherwise, you may end up making a fool out of yourself.

Any more things which are a definite no-no?

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