6 Signs your Colleagues Speak about you Behind your Back

The reality of it all is that there is no need for special skills or signs to learn that your colleagues are talking about you behind your back. Yes, colleagues talk about you behind your back, that’s what we do, probably more than we work. And it’s not just us. Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame: Someone somewhere is talking about you, rest assured. Now, let’s get back to the article. Six signs, here you go:

It is highly likely that at some point in your life, a colleague has spoken about you behind your back. This can create some anxiety as people tend to be very sensitive as to what their colleagues say about them when they are not present. In most cases, people rarely have something good to say, so you wouldn’t be at all too surprised if you knew that others are speaking in a destructive manner about you. Whilst jumping to hasty conclusions is not ideal and one should avoid thinking the worst of people, sometimes it is all too obvious. The body language followed by the awkward silence is sometimes too much of a giveaway. In this article we discuss some of the signs which indicate that your colleagues have been speaking about you behind your back.

Light differences in character

If your colleagues were speaking about you, their behaviour might change a bit once you enter the room. They may seem a tad more rigid and calculative of what they are saying to you. The more you know these people, the easier it will become to identify their discomfort. To investigate further, you should try picking a conversation with this person, paying extra attention to how they react.

Awkward silence

Ever noticed a room getting quiet when you walk in? There may be a solid reason for that. People were talking about you behind your back. This may be all the truer if they were whispering and they stopped abruptly upon your arrival.


People who have been talking about you behind your back are likely to display symptoms of fear once you join in. Such symptoms may include freezing on the spot, widening eyes and facial expressions which indicate shock, especially if you joined in unexpectedly.

Trying to be nice

Those who speak about you behind your back may attempt to cover their tracks. They may appear to be extra nice with their gestures, however this could all be a ploy to steer you away from the truth.


If colleagues tend to gossip with you about other people, they are likely to gossip about you with others. You should avoid trusting people who have a general disposition of gossiping about others and revealing their secrets. People are not likely to change their patterns, so if they bad-mouth one person, they will do the same to most.

No eye contact

People who have something to hide will find it difficult to maintain eye contact.  If they are gazing somewhere else whilst speaking to you, something may not be quite right. Other body languages which reveal similar defence mechanisms include hands crossing and jittering.

Having colleagues speak about you in a negative manner may cause several problems, leading to stress and anxiety. Identifying the right moment when to approach the person and handle this issue is essential in stopping it.

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