4 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

Both men and women would probably dream of having a full head of shiny hair. This look is not easy to achieve and maintain, however in this article we discuss ways on how to work towards that healthy, shiny look we all ache for. First off, just as a disclaimer, the silky and shiny hair you see on commercials is often exaggerated for promotional purposes.


To maintain healthy hair, you will need to trim it regularly. Ideally you have this done by a pro, such as a barber or a stylist. As a rule of thumb, short hair should be trimmed every four to eight weeks whilst medium to long hair should be trimmed every six to twelve weeks. If visiting a professional is not your thing, you can do this at home, getting better with more practice. The importance of trimming lies in the fact that it helps the hair to grow, eliminating split ends. It will make your hair softer and flexible, reducing the chances of breakage.

Working on a new hairstyle.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Using shampoo and conditioner is important. Pay attention to the type of brands you use and make sure they are compatible with your hair type and length. When shampooing, it is important to target the scalp and not just the ends of your hair. The amount of shampoo depends on the length of your hair, as overusing it will remove essential oils that maintain moisturisation. The amount of times you wash your hair will depend on the type, but most would be safe with once or twice weekly.

After washing and drying your hair, you should then close off by applying some conditioner to the hair ends and not the roots.

Healthy diet

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is by eating good food, containing vitamins, protein and iron. Such nutrients are essential for hair growth. Iron-rich foods such as fish, beans, soybeans, vegetables and protein filled sources such as milk, peas and lentils are paramount for healthy hair. These should be complemented with ample water because it is also a key driver in keeping your hair healthy.

Hair Oils

Different oils promote hair growth and maintain healthy looking hair. Good oils help to keep soft, manageable and healthy hair.

You will need to handle your hair with a certain degree of care. When your hair is wet, it needs to be combed gently as the strands would be weaker. You should also brush your hair on a daily basis to keep it healthy.

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