The art of Turning a Date into a Relationship

Dating someone brings with it a fresh sense of excitement. Getting the opportunity to spend time with someone you find attractive, whilst getting to know them better is an enticing prospect. Following a couple of dates, some might decide that it is best to leave it at that and seek to meet new people. In other cases, some might want to extend beyond just dating, progressing into an actual relationship. So how does one convert a date into a relationship? In this article, we discuss some ways on how you can take that leap forward. Some people will say that all you need is luck, however, we argue against that.

Create a bond

If you want to take your dates a step further, you will need to create a bond with that person, ensuring that he or she feels comfortable and confident in your presence. One of the ways to do this is by opening up to this person, by being your true self and enjoying the moment. This is precisely what creates attachment and a lasting impression on your date, which in turn leads to desire.

Be truthful

In the initial stages when you are getting to know someone, transmitting an image of sincerity is key in building trust. There are many deceitful people out there and nobody wants to be with someone who is dishonest or manipulative, especially if this particular person went through a bad patch with someone else in the past due to these undesirable qualities.

Show your value

If after a couple of dates, you are seeing a lack of interest in the other party, this may be due to the fact that you did not showcase your value well enough. When you are still in the initial stages of dating, it is very important to highlight your positive qualities, so you entice your potential partner for a more serious relationship. Failing to do so will make you appear as a person with limited benefits, hence there will be less eagerness to commit.

Make your intentions clear

Although you will need to take things at the right pace, you will have to indicate what your intentions really are, otherwise, you risk that the other party is not aware of what you really want.

Play your cards right

Apart from showcasing your value, you will need to fill a certain void. Being in a relationship with someone means that you can fill the empty space in their hearts.

So, for your next date, try a couple of these tips and let us know how it goes.

Oh, and if you’re male, Do not go dutch, not right away!

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