April is Autism Awareness Month

In this month of April, where awareness is raised about Autism, we discuss some of the salient points of this disorder. In a nutshell, it affects one’s communication patterns and behaviour, normally becoming evident in the first two years of a person’s life. People with autism are associated with difficulties in communication and interaction with others. This disorder impacts people from various walks of life in school, work and relationships with friends and partners. They are also bound with limited interests and prefer routine or repetitive tasks.

The extent of severity differs and there are various levels of this disorder. Autism occurs in every ethnic, racial and economic classes. Even though Autism can extend to an entire lifetime, there are several treatments to manage and control the symptoms.

There are several signs which indicate that a person may be autistic. Not all people who suffer from Autism will showcase these symptoms, but a significant amount will have several. In one to one discussions, you may notice that they will make no or very little eye contact which obstructs the communication process. Apart from this essential communication aspect, those who communicate with autistic people tend to feel that they are being ignored.

They are also associated with showing a lack of interest and enjoyment whilst being slow in responding to someone addressing them or calling their name. Autistic tendencies also include speaking at length about a particular topic they find interesting, whilst the others they are communicating with have lost interest or are not given the time to have their say. This may also be coupled with inconsistent non-verbal communication which does not coincide with what is being said. This is due to an autistic tendency which may be difficult to control.

As mentioned earlier, autistic people have a tendency for restricted and repetitive behaviour. Such patterns may be deemed strange or unusual and their mood will be impacted negatively if their routine changes. Such behaviour may include the repetition of words, phrases and over-analysis of certain topics, facts and intricate details.

With that said, people with autism have their plus sides as well. These are just a few:  They are able to memorise things well and learn with a certain degree of detail. Also synonymous with autistic people is the good performance in mathematics and science-related subjects.

The exact causes of Autism are not fully known however research suggests that genetic make-up together with environmental factors are correlated. Some of the scenarios in which risk is increased is when one has siblings with Autism or old parents.

If in doubt, visit a doctor to see if any treatment is required. Identifying symptoms is pivotal in managing and controlling them.

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